Wednesday, November 4, 2009

post partum

Hello out there if anyone is still listening!
Adjusting to being a mommy has been so rewarding but so difficult and time-consuming!
As things get easier (and they do, one week at a time) I'm getting back into my "art life" and hoping to poke around this space a bit more often. There are a few art shows this month that I'm excited to be a part of:

Blood is the New Black & Junc Gallery Present:
Blood is the New Black: 5 Year Anniversary Exhibition
November 7 - December 14, 2009
Opening Reception and Party Saturday November 7, 7-11 pm
4017 Sunset Blvd
Silverlake, CA 90029

Featuring new work by:
Skinner, Skye Parrott, Keaton Henson, Demonbabies, Porous Walker, Andrea Shear, Jesse Spears, Bryan Ray Turcotte, Brendan Donnelly, Sumi Ink Club, Patrick Jilbert, Sterling Bartlett, Michael Sieben, Jeff P, Dan Monick, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, Scott Barry, Pete and Jo, Josh Slater, Jason Fischer, Hannah Stouffer, Dylan Haley, Demonbabies & more!

Be sure to check out the Blood is the New Black pop up store opening night with shirts, prints, zines and more!

Beer courtesy of Nakhon Beer and cupcakes from Lemonade (yum!)


I have secured babysitters and will be attending both shows so please say hi!