Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Furry Bear

Originally uploaded by little drawings.

A recent thrift store find. I totally love the old illustrations but most of all I love the colors: chocolate brown, a faded mint green and cherry red. It's hard to tell from the scan but the bear is actually fuzzy on every page. There are more pics at my flickr page

How Much Art Can You Take?

from the Bloody Blog. I think this image from Dan Monic is fucking amazing.

Mitra has been working her bum off to get all these shows and events together and I'm pretty sad that I probably won't be able to attend because there will be good art and Ts. How much can you take? I think that's a challenge.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

moleskine not foreskin

Some recent drawings from one of my moleskine sketchbooks:

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas art Shows

Sat. Evening gallery outing. Mostly the usual suspects but fun nevertheless.

Copro Nason Gallery:

Audrey Kawasaki

Jack Long


The famous Mark Ryden

Then over to Lab 101 Gallery:

The first 2 pieces in the line are tree paintings by Marci Washington. I really wanted to buy one but I tend to run a little low on cash this time of year. Sage Vaughn also had some work. There were just too many pieces to choose from.

Katy Horan

My friend Melissa's piece.

Across the street at Project Gallery artists painted and created ornaments. Super crowded and very cute. Melissa had a couple ornaments but I didn't get good shots of them unfortunately.

It was at this show that I ran into Jisook from Black Market on Sawtelle who informed me that Black Market and Project were going to be collaborating a bit on a show. She introduced me to Beau Basse who is incredibly nice. I hope to work with those guys sometime it's such a great gallery space. He mentioned that he has a projector... could mean some cool installation and/or short film stuff... I guess we'll hafta see what happens I can't get my hopes up.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

my little drawings

First off, I finished the painting I posted about before:

and also did this one:

they had to come out together I guess.

And on the subject of drawings, I finally got a chance to attend the Dr. Sketchy's.

I'm not really here to review it but I did feel great about doing some more life drawing and the model was great. My only minor complaints were that the light was not great for the people drawing and it started late/ended early. Also there were photographers that kept popping up in the way even though they were asked not to. But it was a nice chill vibe, good for drawing and I'll definitely give it another chance sometime.

Here are some of the results:

This has made me realize once again that I really don't do enough life drawing.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

too many shows, not enough time

It all started last Fri. night...I always complain about not knowing anyone at art shows but Ted wsa the last person I expeted to run into! crazy. This was a show at Lab 101 gallery. I went mostly to see Patrick Jilbert's work because he's so rad and I wanted to hang out with Mitra who was also there. I forgot my cam so I'm borrowing these pix from here.

Sat. I was at New Image Art gallery to see the Hey There Lonley Girl show featuring Suzannah Sinclair

Caroline Hwang

some other stuff over there:

Josh Slater

And No Age played a couple songs.

But the best part was running into Mitra. But one can really never get enough Mitra. So on Wed. night we hit up the Live Large show at Hollywood and Highland:

Artwork by Sage Vaughn. Apparently hummingbirds are just following me everywhere.

Photo by Dan Monick, also a new Blood is the New Black inductee.

Go here for more pix and infos and funny stories related to my weekend of gallerieee.

Maybe some little drawings coming soon. I feel my artist block cracking a little.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Little Drawings out and about

My recent (and much needed) excursion to Seattle was excellent. Just the place for a coffee-lover like myself to feel at home.

A few things of intrest:

knit graffiti

Amy Rice show at Blue Bottle Gallery. I love the warn wood she works on. Nice to finally see the work in person. It made me feel sentimental.

I also caught the current show at the infamous Roq la Rue Gallery. Wednesday Kirwan's work caught my attention the most, not surprisingly. I love the style and the cute-factor.

A final thought: