Thursday, December 7, 2006

too many shows, not enough time

It all started last Fri. night...I always complain about not knowing anyone at art shows but Ted wsa the last person I expeted to run into! crazy. This was a show at Lab 101 gallery. I went mostly to see Patrick Jilbert's work because he's so rad and I wanted to hang out with Mitra who was also there. I forgot my cam so I'm borrowing these pix from here.

Sat. I was at New Image Art gallery to see the Hey There Lonley Girl show featuring Suzannah Sinclair

Caroline Hwang

some other stuff over there:

Josh Slater

And No Age played a couple songs.

But the best part was running into Mitra. But one can really never get enough Mitra. So on Wed. night we hit up the Live Large show at Hollywood and Highland:

Artwork by Sage Vaughn. Apparently hummingbirds are just following me everywhere.

Photo by Dan Monick, also a new Blood is the New Black inductee.

Go here for more pix and infos and funny stories related to my weekend of gallerieee.

Maybe some little drawings coming soon. I feel my artist block cracking a little.

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MSK said...

i think i have an art crush on josh slater. he did a series of paintings of the ramones hairdos. (hairdos only no faces)