Thursday, December 27, 2007

black phoebes in my life


Things that are and aren't happening as we get to the end of 2007:

+ presents
+ Disneyland
+ shopping
+ baking and cooking
+ eating
+ family
+ sleeping
+ Griffith Park
+ movies
+ new demo reel
+ finding out that the little black bird hanging around outside is a Black Phoebe

- drawing
- painting
- working
- money
- redoing website
- bookeeping

Hope everyone is having happy holidays and new years, etc.

Friday, December 14, 2007

last minute

It's a bit last minute but Blood is the New Black is still shipping out shirts and if you order quick it might come in time for that last-minute Christmas gift. Or maybe just a post-Christmas treat for yourself.

There are also some new artists:

Keith Shore

Josh Slater

and classics by Travis Millard:

Tiffany Malakooti:

and many more Including, of course Me! (plug plug plug)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

cleaning out pipes

I'm trying to catch up with myself today as I actually have a few minutes this morning. I haven't gotten a chance to post about some of the shows I went to this past weekend. There were so many that I missed. Sad.

Thinkspace "Snow Angel's" show was on Friday.

One of my favorite pieces from the show by Jeaneed Carlino. Her work really floored me.

Upstairs some cool paintings by Jesse Hotchkiss

Stopping by the Von Dutch store to see a toy and art show that was curated by the Carmichael on Sat. night.

And Brandi Milne at the Corey Helford Gallery later on Sat.


really beautiful work.

As usual there are lots more pics from the shows at my flickr and check out the gallery sites for more info on the shows and the artists.

a tattoo story

I'm incorporating my usual moleskine post into a post about a tattoo design I did for a couple friends:

moleskine puzzle piece doodles

final design

final tattoos!!

They got the work done in Portland,OR and the tattoo artist Joseph Bass did a fabulous job staying true to the design. He even blogged about it here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

rockets in weird places


A friend recently asked me when I was going to move on from drawing hands. I think I thought I was over it but sure enough they keep creeping back into my ideas and my work.

When my mom was a kid she got a hold of my grandfather's gun and accidently shot herself in the hand. The bullet went clean through her hand and into my grandmother's back. Everyone was ok.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

who says anything anymore

So I'm just going to apologize right now that I don't have names and links to go with all the artists whose work appears in these photos. There was just SOO much work by so many talented people and it was insanely crowded at all the shows. LA really came out this weekend to show support for art.

(please click on image for a larger view)

Johnny Ryan's Horror Show at the Secret Headquarters on Fri. night.

Project Gallery Wishful Thinking show

Painting by Evan B. Harris and work by Thylacine Graphics and Jen Lobo at Lab 101 Gallery (closing their doors soon how sad).

Hive Gallery

And finally, the last images are from the show at the Seth Carmichael Gallery that I took part in. Most of the work is from previous shows but I did a couple broken hand mirror paintings:

Excited to be sharing a wall with talented aritsts like Karen Preston (the pieces that are right next to the mirrors and slightly below)

close up of mirrors:

"Pelvic Bait" sharing a wall with Denise Simon

Sorry again for not having more artist info but please check out the websites of the galleries for more info and feel free to comment with additional info!

See more images from the shows at my Flickr