Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thumbs up?

This Sat. night was Yoskay Yamamoto at Black Market on Sawtelle curated, I believe, by Project Gallery. I relaly like these clouds.

We heart Salvador Dali.

It was pointed out to me that the shape of the characters is reminiscent of thumbs. Interesting.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

my watercolor moleskine

I Love how there are like a million different kinds of moleskines now and I'm such a sucker for it all I have to get all of them.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yet another weekend of missing some great art shows. Oh the guilt!

I have been working on several projects including shows I'm doing with Blood is the New Black

some of the pieces:

Monday, January 15, 2007

no show

So after all those plans to go to shows this weekend I got distracted by birthday celebrations. Happy Capriquarius Birthday!

But as one of the parties took place at Cha Cha I managed to sneak a peak at Ghettoglass Gallery across the street: the sweet artwork of Christopher Bettig. I found the work quite feminine and folky.

I really liked the fact that there was a range of price so that anyone could afford something. Those little blocks were only $10 I would have grabbed one if I wasn't in such a rush.

I also spotted Blood is the New Black Tshirts in the gallery store!!

Hopefully I'll catch some of those other shows next weekend...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

can you spot artists?

a belated post about Saturday's show at the Corey Helford Gallery.

There was a lot of bubblegum pink but still some interesting art:

Carlos Ramos' very cool k9s (sorry I can't find a website right now)

Panni Malek pink and girly damsels

Wednesday Kirwan, I also saw her work on my trip to Seattle.I'm really liking her work. Some of it reminds me of Katie Rice.

Korin Faught.
I am just in awe of her work. I can't really talk about it.

And I hung out for a min. with Gary Baseman. There are a lot of cool projects that he's working on so I'll try to keep up. Damn I need to do something with my mop.

Natalia Fabia was also there and Mitra briefly introduced us. She's amazingly beautiful and seems really nice. I really dig her paintings and her jewelry is amazing. Quite the busy artist. I can't keep up.

We also met Greg Escalante from Juxtapoz. Cool. Then a couple days later I listened to his brother Joe on the radio. Kind of random how art invades life.

Ultimately the show was fun and there were enough interesting pieces of art to get me into it.

So for this weekend:

Lola at Thinkspace

Alyson Fox at Reform School
group show at BLK/MRKT gallery
and maybe this show at Track 16?

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

studio for andrea

Lately I've been feeling like I want a seperate studio space. Working at home is convenient but can be difficult because I really need to be alone when I'm working. I don't always get that because my time at home in general is already so limited. Also sometimes it's hard to just be a messy artist at home when I'm constantly trying to keep my living space clean. And finally there is the focus factor. It's just hard to keep focused at home sometimes.

Last night I drove out to Inglewood to check out a studio space. $650 a month (all utilities and internet included) shared with 2 others but my access would be limited to days nights and weekends, no early morning since the other 2 artists live on site. Also I would have to refrain from using certain hazardous materials (like fixative) which wouldn't be too difficult anyway.

Deciding it wouldn't really be such a great deal I went to check it out anyway just for the heck of it. Of course as fate would have it I fell completely in love with the space. It's more than I've ever had to work with and the other artist was lovely.

The space itself is one long room and two other smaller rooms but I have the option of taking down or building up walls and can basically do whatever I want with the space including being a messy artist. The area is pretty cool. Quiet actually and there's even a Home Depot nearby and tons of coffee and food.

I was even told I could share the space with another artist if I wanted and split the cost. Why don't I know more artists? However I did budget it out and figured that I could probably afford it. It would mean making other cut-backs and I would really have to fight for time to actually make propper use of it but I could make it work.

After agonizing over it all night and going back and forth I made the mistake of talking to my mom about it this morning who promptly chastised me for considering wasting $650 on rent. Yikes. The jewish mother guilt tactic.

So here are my options:
-go for the studio and just make it work
-save my money and just keep fighting to work in the 3x3 space in my kitchen
-look for a larger apartment where I can have an entire room as a studio

I don't know but maybe I shouldn't commit to something like this until I'm sure? There are always other things out there but I've never seen a space quite like this. I've already written the email turning it down but I can't bring myself to send it just yet... still feeling to manic about it...

Thursday, January 4, 2007

trafik artshow

Originally uploaded by little drawings.

I'm taking part in this art show via Blood is the New Black .
As usual I'm sad I can't go in person.