Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas art Shows

Sat. Evening gallery outing. Mostly the usual suspects but fun nevertheless.

Copro Nason Gallery:

Audrey Kawasaki

Jack Long


The famous Mark Ryden

Then over to Lab 101 Gallery:

The first 2 pieces in the line are tree paintings by Marci Washington. I really wanted to buy one but I tend to run a little low on cash this time of year. Sage Vaughn also had some work. There were just too many pieces to choose from.

Katy Horan

My friend Melissa's piece.

Across the street at Project Gallery artists painted and created ornaments. Super crowded and very cute. Melissa had a couple ornaments but I didn't get good shots of them unfortunately.

It was at this show that I ran into Jisook from Black Market on Sawtelle who informed me that Black Market and Project were going to be collaborating a bit on a show. She introduced me to Beau Basse who is incredibly nice. I hope to work with those guys sometime it's such a great gallery space. He mentioned that he has a projector... could mean some cool installation and/or short film stuff... I guess we'll hafta see what happens I can't get my hopes up.


MSK said...

group show tomorrow...dan monick, sage vaughn, dylan haley, mel kadel, chris pastras and more in downtown. you down?

project: Mike said...

Introduced to Beau? But not me? Well, if you come out tomorrow, make sure you say hi!