Wednesday, June 27, 2007

when work is slow rabbits are slow

I'm definitely in a swing of low productivity not just in terms of painting but also at work. I guess it's because it's summer but work is either crazy busy late nights or totally dead. For the past week-and-a-half it's been dead and despite being told there will be work coming I continue to sit here day after day.

It's hard to work on personal projects at work because, well, there are just so many people around and even though I know it's cool for me to work on my own stuff when it's slow, I get kind of uncomfortable with people walking by and asking about it.

The final shitty thing about the situation is that for some reason the room I'm working in is like 100 degrees while the rest of the office is a cool, comfortable 75. What gives?!

Nevertheless! After about 3 years of not working on any personal animation projects I have started work on a concept that involves some animation. Who knows if I'll ever acquire the funds and the space to make it happen but I have started to do some animation tests:

Thanks for letting me rant...

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