Sunday, November 12, 2006

Big Shows on Little Drawings

This past Saturday night I visited a few gallery shows around town. First up, "Bird Call," new artwork from Susie Ghahremani of Boygirlparty at Giant Robot on Sawtelle. So sweet and colorful like candy!

I had to have this beautiful hummingbird piece:

Next up was Camille Rose Garcia at the Merry Karnowsky gallery.

Earlier in the day I was talking to another artist friend of mine who thinks that CRG's work is feeling too repetative. Although I understand where that comment is coming from I always love seeing CRG's work in person and I see a progression in her ideas.

In my own work I struggle to progress ideas and try new styles but I think a lot of artists tend to obsess over certain subject matter and design. I think I'm okay with that. (Maybe I just can't get over my goth roots).

Actually, I think what I like most about Camille Rose Garcia shows is the people watching. Such a great cast of characters complete with punks and goths (of all ages), a nice bunch of celebs (Greg Behrend for one?) and other artists.

Shows I missed this weekend but hope to catch soon:

-Sq. foot group show at Thinkspace Gallery

-Red Red Robin: new paintings by Michael Hussar at the Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery
(I guess it was a goth art weekend).

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