Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Sorry Introduction

"Oh no, not another lame-ass art blog!"

Stop reading right here if that was your reaction!

I make no promises and no compromises. I'm horrible at keeping up websites, returning emails, sticking with things (my job is beyond time-consuming), and I'm terribly cliche. Oh yeah, and I'm a bad writer.

However, you might find something interesting here or maybe just some eye candy.

My goals for this blog are to vent (visually and literally) my struggles with making and experiencing art, specifically within the Los Angeles area/art scene. Oh yeah, and shameless self-promotion.

The image above is entitled "Poison01" and comes from my first group show, "Creature Feature" at Black Market boutique on Sawtelle. (I would link to the website but it appears to no longer exist).

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