Tuesday, April 3, 2007

If I Can Make it There...

LES building

The trip was too short but it's good to be home. The Jewish partying did not disappoint and although I don't think I gained 5 lbs. as hoped on eating yummy NYC food I can honestly say it was worth the try!

Ran into this in the LES:


I was able to catch the show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery on Sat. night. If I'm not mistaken this is Tara McPherson checking out an Andrew Foster painting.

Andrew Foster

So glad I got to see one of these in person by Adam Wallacavage.

Adam Wallcavage

I liked some of the Mars 1 stuff because the wireframe elements reminded me of CG 3d (which is the other kind of geeky art I do as my day job).

Mars 1

It was crowded and hot and smelly at the show but the art was interesting and going to this show made me miss going to shows in NYC.

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