Tuesday, May 1, 2007

liar liar

So I did go to one art show this weekend:

Deth P. Sun 2

Deth P. Sun 1

Deth P. Sun at GR2 on Sawtelle. Nice group of work. Love it or hate it GR has been really important for young contemporary artists, especially asian artists and I can always get behind that. But really I just love going to shows there because it's close enough to walk to and gives me an excuse to hang out on Sawtelle and go to my favorite sushi place Hide.

I have a very sad feeling I will miss Audrey and company's show at Thinkspace on May 11 because of work. Poo is the only word that comes to mind.

If you like any one of the artists it's really going to be a good show as they are so different yet there are definitely parallels among them.

I have not forgotten about my promise to post some of the art I'm working on. It's coming...

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