Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I must be crazy

From this weekend:
Susie Ghahremani at Giant Robot on Sawtelle:
I loved all the hanging birds and how they cast some amazing shadows. The entire show was put together so well you can see how detail-oriented Susie is. I bought 3 new paintings: one as a gift and 2 more to go with my beloved hummingbird.

Friends United Network (FUN) at Project Gallery

Very cool and interesting show. The installation was fantastic. A large tree was hung from the ceiling and a big shadow was actually painted on the ground of the gallery.

Lab 101
Amy Ruppel. I purchased the 5th from the left (the tall one).

Kathleen Lolley. Pillows were to die for!

Wishing I could have bought more work from all the artists.
See the rest of the pics on flickr

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