Thursday, May 7, 2009



Not art related:
Today is going to be a strange day! I've been invited by a friend to go to the taping of the "baby shower/mother's day" episode of the Ellen DeGeneres show.
I'm definitely an Ellen fan so I'm pretty excited and I understand that there are going to be some cool giveaways. Just had to share!


Jess said...

great hair. i like all the layering.

heidi said...

I'm freaking out about how small this world is!!! I know Allison & Michael! I used to work with Allison in Portland... and I saw her in the audience on the Ellen show today!!! I'm the crazy girl that has bought some of your bed pile drawings!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Just found your blog through going to add you to my "Try to visit often" and "Worth Reading" list...if you don't mind.
Love your drawings and have just had a browse on your Etsy store,awesome.
Can't wait to hear how the Ellen Show was...very jealous!