Thursday, May 14, 2009

outta here


A little sketchbook for your Thursday.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm heading north out of LA with with some loved-ones for a much-needed mini-vacation. I hear this is the best time to do that kinda thing since I'm still "comfortably pregnant". This is also my favorite time of year to drive up through some of the beautiful CA countryside and coastline so I'm really excited. I plan on bringing my sketchbook along but I never manage to get as much drawing done as I should. However there will most likely be lots of pictures upon my return.

Unfortunately being gone this weekend I'm missing some interesting shows here in LA such as:

“Wishing Well” from Jennifer Davis + “Pretty TV-Love” from Kristen Schiele + “Magic Hour” from Jill Simonsen at the Cerasoli Gallery

Timothy Karpinski at the POVevolving Gallery

and Jeana Sohn at the Taylor De Cordoba Gallery

If you're in LA check out Sour Harvest or your favorite LA gallery listing resource for other goings-on and let me know how they are!

Have a great weekend!

For those of you interested I just wanted to report that the Ellen DeGeneres show was AMAZING and the whole audience got hooked-up with a TON of really expensive baby stuff. Without going into too much detail some of the highlights were a really expensive stroller, a highly-rated car seat, a crib from target, Dwell bedding, and a washing machine! Lots of other wonderful and helpful supplies. It really saved me since work has been slow and I was wondering how we were gonna pay for some of this stuff. If you plan on getting pregnant I highly recommend making sure you are pregnant during mother's day and applying to be on the show :)

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