Tuesday, February 13, 2007

art shows a plenty 2/10/07

Lisa Congdon at Reform School in Silverlake. Usually I'm quite shy about meeting people but upon spotting Lisa I introudced myself and glad of it because she is quite a lovely person. I'm really liking her work especially the arrangement of this show.

Crossed town to Culver City to see the show at Project. I was also on a mission to say hey to Mike who recently delurked on "Little Drawings." This show was coloaborative work by The Love Bandits and The Love Movement. I never really found out which was which but I felt the love.

And right across the street at Corey Helford was the Charity by Numbers show. How convenient. I believe this was curated by Gary Baseman and of course all the big names were there. Wait are aritsts celebrities now? I thought that idea died in the 80s. It was invite only before 10 but I slipped in right at 10 to get a good look at everything before the crowds piled in. Cool idea for a show. So many of my favorite artists participated.

It's always great to see Audrey (Kawasaki) she's such an amazing talent and sweet sweet lady. I asked her about how she liked working on the charity project and she said it was great but in retrospect she wishes she had been more experimental. Her piece was beautiful but it's cool to hear an artist wanting to expand and experiment.

There is pressure for a professional artist to make work like the work that got them noticed and that sells well. It's both externally and self imposed but it makes it hard to experiment with new things and it can be frustrating. How to deal?

As usual, there are plenty more photos from that night on my flickr page.

But for now I will leave you with this Valentines' love:

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