Thursday, March 8, 2007

blitzkrieg flu

So this crazy blitzkrieg flu got me this week resulting in the tardiness of this post about last weekend's galleries. But better late than never so here goes:


Friday night Kitschen Sync show at La Luz De Jesus staring some of the usual suspects and some new names...
With these ginormous group shows it's kind of a lot to wrap your head around. It's like, there are "areas of the gallery" that I'm drawn to instead of specific artists. I hope that's what's intended.

Jordan Isip
a piece that i liked by Jordan Isip.

Sat. night after going to a friends' show at UCLA I headed to Culver City for the art insanity that is Culver City on a Sat. night these days...


Loved this installation at BLK/MRKT by Ben Tour.
The entire show was very likeable.

Andy Howell at lab101 gallery:




Lots going on this coming weekend I hope I'm up to it...

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