Thursday, March 6, 2008

dear mom, school is great!


my time is sooooo thinly stretched. I haven't had a weekend off in two weeks and it looks like I'll be working this weekend too but by next "moleskine thursday" I'll be free for three weeks.

Things I will do for sure:

-move studio into the bigger room
-finish my current painting
-start a new painting
-put up my new website
-add some artwork that has been piling up to the etsy shop
-cooking and baking up a storm
-spending some time with the family
-catching up with friends
-take the car in for a smog check (I've never had to do this before)

Things I will try to fit in:

-catching some gallery shows around town
-camping trip if it warms up
-painting the new studio
-committing to hanging some artwork up
-learning to sew
-cleaning and organizing in general

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