Saturday, March 22, 2008


Today's post is in response to a comment inquiring how I find out about shows happening around LA. Here are a couple sources I hit up during the week:

Sour Harvest is (now) a blog that posts about art happenings around LA and is affiliated with Thinkspace Gallery in Silver lake. You can also sign up for their mailing list and usually once a week get an email listing current events. Their list usually includes past and future events so you can get a head start marking your calendar or see shows even if you miss the opening. I hate to use labels but just for the sake of differentiating, the events Sour Harvest posts about are usually related to the "low brow" sceney LA art stuff.

Similar type of art events can be found via the Juxtapoz website not only for LA but for other cities around the country.

Another great resource is the Los Angeles art section of Flavorpill. Found via Little Paper Planes blog (also a good resource for events and a good read!) These events include a slightly broader range of art events.

And finally, the good old LA weekly found around town and on the web lists a range of events in their art section.

I know I must be missing some good resources for LA and other cities so please feel free to comment with your favorite art event resource.

Hope that helped!

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