Tuesday, March 18, 2008

waiting for inquiries


Sat. Night:
Claire Ellen Oswalt's amazing work at the Taylor de Cordoba Gallery in Culver City.



This last one kind of reminds me of my brother.

Sometimes when I'm at openings I tend to stick my head around the sides of the work to investigate the construction and components of a piece (don't worry I don't touch anything unless I'm supposed to) and how other artists mount their work on the wall especially if the work is more sculptural like these pieces were. The artist probably doesn't intend for viewers to do this but I'm always interested in that part of the creative process. I loved seeing how these were put together especially the piece below that had moving parts so that the two headless gentlemen are forever shaking hands in either a greeting or a farewell. Or maybe a business deal that screw a ton of people.



sophan said...

OMG.........thank you sooooo much for informing me about this show!!!!!!! very amazing!!!!!
one question.........how do you find out about these shows???????

ramis kim said...

i can't believe that i missed the opening. it looks really amazing.